Youth Religious Exploration

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The teenagers in our congregation gather as the UU Whatevers for religious education and community. Our youth group plans its own programs with the help of adult advisors. The Whatevers cover a wide range of topics, including discussion of religious and ethical issues, guest speakers from other religions and from the community, personal sharing, service projects, participation in district youth conferences, and worship. 

We meet on Sunday after service for worship and learning.  Youth facilitators are Kristen Wilson, Erin Stjarne, Anne Dahmer, and Aden Seaman.  Email: for more information and a schedule.

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We enjoy being part of a social action community, learning and leading together, and finding the answers to life’s questions -- just kidding! We don’t have the answers, but we love exploring the questions!

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Registration - Please fill out a registration form for your child at the start of every school year: Online Registration Form.