Weddings & Other Ceremonies

Unitarian Universalists believe that each person must find their own spiritual path. When it comes time for the important rituals of life, yours should reflect your personal outlook. Our congregation maintains a roster of experienced licensed officiants and lay chaplains to help you create a ceremony that is significant to you. Whether you follow no religious tradition, need a ceremony that combines traditions, or are looking for someone to support you in your non-traditional belief system, you will find our officiants eager to help.

Our lay chaplains and officiants are licensed by the province of Ontario to officiate at marriage services, and trained by the Canadian Unitarian Council for weddings, funerals, child dedications, and other life passage rituals.

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Dedicating yourselves to one another and marking your life together before friends and family can be a powerful moment in a couple’s lives. Our officiants work with you to create a personalized ceremony that reflects your values and honours your community and family traditions. We proudly officiate same-sex marriages.

Consultation and Officiating: $350
Deposit: $125
Rehearsal: $100
Mileage: $0.40/km for ceremonies held outside Kitchener/Waterloo

Funeral and Memorial Services

Funeral or memorial services offer an opportunity to create a meaningful and honest testament of the life lost to us and to honour the feelings of those left behind. Lighting candles; eulogies; and words of loss, love and hope help shape a memorial. Our sample funeral service is a place to start creating a service that is sensitive, honest and true to the person being remembered.

Consultation and Officiating: $350
Deposit: $125
Mileage: $0.40/km for ceremonies held outside Kitchener/Waterloo

Child Dedications

The birth of a child is a great and joyful event. There is value in marking the moment with a naming or welcoming ceremony, with parents, family and friends formally accepting the new life in their lives. The celebration may be large or small, formal or informal. Rituals may include responsive readings, the water of life, or presenting the child with a symbolic gift. Our sample service offers ideas for creating a ceremony that honours your wishes for the future of your child.

Consultation and Officiating: $250
Deposit: $100
Mileage: $0.40/km for ceremonies held outside Kitchener/Waterloo

Other Life Transitions

Our lay chaplains are also available to help you celebrate other life transitions such as
• Retirement
• Becoming a senior
• Ending a marriage
• Coming of age for teenagers
• Coming of age for children (age 7)
• Miscarriage
• House blessing
• Death of a pet

We would be honoured to lead your ritual, or just consult with you, if you wish to lead your own ritual, but don’t know where to begin. Please email us at for assistance with your ceremony.