The Church Year

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In-Gathering: Water Communion (first Sunday after Labour Day)
September 9, 2018

As we return from our summer travels, we mark the beginning of the church year with our in-gathering celebration. Bringing water collected during our wanderings (or symbolic water from the backyard pond or kitchen sink) we pour it into a common bowl, symbolizing our coming together again as a community. The service is followed by a potluck lunch. Visitors are invited to attend both the service and lunch.

Thanksgiving (Sunday before 2nd Monday in October)
October 7, 2018

On this Sunday, we share food staples with our congregational food pantry and the community’s food bank.

Canvass (October/November)
Historically, Unitarian Universalists were part of the “free church” movement of religious traditions who were not state supported. These groups were supported by the free-will offerings of their congregants. Today, we do not “tithe” in the biblical sense, but we do support our principles and the work of this congregation with our time, talent, and treasure. Each fall, members and friends of the congregation are encouraged to pledge all three of these resources for the health of our community.

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Halloween Party Service
Sunday October 28, 2018

Everyone come dressed in your costume for this special service.

Dream Auction
Saturday November 17, 2018

Our annual fundraiser serves multiple purposes. Putting the FUN back in FUNdraiser, it is a celebration and an opportunity to deepen relationships. Among the festivities is the silent auction, which always includes dinner engagements, craft lessons, wine tastings, and other small group events. The competition for a space at these events is quite lively!  More information and a listing of dreams to purchase are available on this website:

Christmas Party Service
Sunday December 9, 2018 (10:30 AM)

This multigenerational service celebrates the season with festive intent. In past years we have created our own interactive “Twelve Days of Christmas” and heard our children sing of the real presents of Christmas.

Christmas Eve Service
Monday December 24, 2018 (7:00 PM)

We meet on Christmas Eve to consider the story of Jesus' birth from a Unitarian Universalist perspective and to enjoy singing songs of the season.

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Fire Communion Sharing Service (New Years)
Sunday December 30, 2018 (10:30 AM)

Annual General Meeting
Sunday February 24, 2019 (12:15 PM)

In keeping with our Principles, we engage in the democratic process each year. During this meeting, we elect members to the Board of Trustees, vote on the yearly budget, and make decisions on other matters affecting the congregation.

Fair Trade Coffee House
Friday April 26, 2019 (7:30 PM)

Fabulous musicians, entertaining conversation, and the opportunity to purchase fairly traded coffee, local cheeses, and other items make this annual event a big hit. All proceeds from donations gathered at the door are given to the Unitarian Service Committee, a Canadian charitable organization whose mission is to promote vibrant family farms, strong rural communities, and healthy ecosystems around the world.

Easter Service (Easter Sunday)
April 1, 2018

Each year we consider the themes of resurrection and renewal through the lens of our Unitarian principles and sources, honouring the power of the Easter story.

Flower Communion and Outdoor Games Event
Sunday June 23, 2019

We end the church year with a distinctly Unitarian practice—the flower communion, a celebration of diversity which reminds us of the gifts we bring to our community and those we take from it. A outdoor event of intergenerational games follows the service.