Governance / Bylaws

A basic tenet of Unitarian Universalism is congregational polity, meaning each UU congregation is autonomous. There is no higher authority that dictates policy to the congregation. As congregations, we covenant together through the Canadian Unitarian Council, which provides resources for Unitarian churches to grow and develop.
Here, we are governed by our bylaws,  which are voted on by the members of the congregation. A seven member Board of Trustees, who have been elected by the congregation at an Annual Congregational Meeting, serve to ensure that the work of the congregation is done and the by-laws are followed. Each trustee serves for a term of three years and the terms are staggered.

The activities and affairs of the church are conducted by standing committees, networks, and specially appointed task forces, which are overseen by the Board. Policies and procedures have been established to enable the congregation to meet its mission and goals.

The Annual Report from staff, officers, and committee chairs for the most recent year is made available online before the Annual General Meeting and by request from the Board. 


Our Grand River Unitarian Congregation bylaws (by-laws) approved at our Annual General Meeting on February 23, 2014.