Upcoming Services

We have services every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.  You are warmly invited to join us.

Sunday, February 18
Radical Hospitality and Racial Justice

Board of Trustees

The past year has brought new awareness to our movement. We have been woken up and are asked to pay attention to those on the margins, and those struggling for racial justice. In Canada we may not experience the after effects of slavery like our neighbours to the south, yet we too have been challenged to look at our own complicity and cooperation in the systems that oppress First Nations people, immigrants, and people of colour. The question has been asked to each of us, and now the tide is turning towards ‘Radical Hospitality and Racial Justice.’

Please note, there will be a special collection during this service for the Canadian Unitarian Council's Sharing Our Faith Fund. These funds are then allocated in the form of grants to congregations applying for projects they may otherwise not afford to undertake, but which enhance ministry, growth and/or outreach for that congregation and for the Unitarian and Universalist movement in Canada.


Sunday, February 25
“The Inspiration of Rocket Robin.”

Rev. Lori Kyle.
Service Leader:  Mag Horman.

Integrating respect into our internal and external relations is a life-long process of lessons and learning.  Today we will hear about how one small creature taught an entire family much about respect.

Please stay for a Youth Group Souper Sunday Fundraiser followed by our Annual General Meeting.

Sunday, March 5
“Fairness vs. Forgiveness.”

Rev. Lori Kyle with the Spirit of Life Choir.
Service Leader:  Charlotte Innerd

As Unitarian Universalists, many of us are deeply moved by ideals fuelled by justice.  And from justice often emerges an appreciation for outcomes based on fairness.  Today we will explore how the an allegiance to fairness impacts our ability and willingness to embrace forgiveness.

Sunday, March 11
Community Justice Initiative Women's Prison Programs

Service Coordinator:  Pat Bowers

The Social Action Committee is sponsoring a speaker from the Community Justice Initiative to talk about women’s prison programs.

Don’t forget to set your clocks forward this morning for Daylight Savings Time.

Sunday, March 18
“A Mystic Mosaic: How We Experience the Divine.”

Rev. Lori Kyle
Service Leader:  Margaret Insley

A common thread among faith traditions is the emphasis on meaning-making and experiencing the Sacred. What is not commonly shared is how this is manifested in belief about the Divine.  Today we will explore the myriad of ways faith groups define and experience the entity many refer to as God.

Sunday, March 25
“Our First Principle: A Harvester of Hope?”

Rev. Lori Kyle.
Service Leader:  Ian Kent

There has never been a time in world history when it has been so easy to question the worth of our First Principle.  Literally daily we learn of horrific acts of violence around the globe that challenge our  faith and hope that all people have worth and dignity.  On this Sunday we will explore the nature of these challenges, and how hopeful perseverance can influenced by our 1st Principle.

Sunday, April 1
"Celebration of Holy Foolishness"

Rev. Jess

Rev. Jess returns from sabbatical this morning to celebrate Holy Foolishness on this Easter Sunday.