Leadership Council

The Council is a forum for congregational leaders, committee chairs, and team organizers to share information and coordinate activities. 

The goals of the Council are:

  • To encourage communication among committees and other congregational leaders as well as between these leaders and the Board.
  • To facilitate the planning of events that can be sponsored jointly by two or more Committees; to address operational issues which do not fall clearly under the responsibility of any one group; to assist with volunteer coordination (e.g., finding help with tasks that pose problems for a committee).
  • To provide feedback to the Board on decisions which affect committees and other groups; to serve as a focus group on major congregational issues; to make recommendations to the Board (e.g. regarding building improvements or equipment purchases that would be of benefit to several committees).
  • To give congregational leaders a forum to communicate important news to the Board (e.g., impending resignations, budget surprises).
  • To offer support and exchange ideas on leadership issues (e.g. recruiting volunteers, running meetings, handling conflict, preparing budgets).
  • To prepare a calendar of events for the coming congregational year (done at the second quarter meeting), with the continued announcement of dates throughout the year.
  • To make decisions about operational issues that don’t require Board input.
  • To make recommendations about decisions that need to be subsequently passed by the Board (e.g., a decision on a building improvement).

Council members meet quarterly, where current and future activities are discussed, operational decisions are made, and recommendations are made to the Board of Trustees. The Council is chaired by the Vice President of the Board.  Email: vicepresident@grandriverunitarian.ca