Community Builders

Grand River Unitarian Congregation is, above all else, a community of people who have covenanted together to live mindfully in the world, working to acknowledge the worth of each individual, to create justice in society, and to live in harmony with the web of existence. Everything we do together builds our community. When we bring our children to class on Sunday morning; when we assist, as a group, with Habitat for Humanity; when we share our joys and concerns with one another; in all these ways, we strengthen our ties and build our community.

The role of the Community Builders is to ensure that, while the community continues to grow stronger, we maintain paths so that others, attracted by what we’ve built, can find connections with us. We achieve this by creating a welcoming space for our visitors; by sponsoring newcomer sessions for those considering membership; and by hosting opportunities for new members to meet the rest of the community and learn ways to become involved with it.

The Community Builders committee can be reached at