Climate Action Group

The Climate Action Group supports the Grand River Unitarian Congregation in dealing with the global emergency of climate change and the related challenges of biodiversity loss, degradation of ecosystems, and social inequity. The Climate Action Group promotes the engagement of members of the Congregation with these issues.


To find out more about the Climate Action Group, share ideas, or get information about how the Waterloo Region community is rising to address the climate and environmental crisis, please contact:

The Climate Action Group offers opportunities for learning about the issues, engaging with others, and taking action. To assist with climate action in our day to day lives, the Group has:

  • Compiled information about priority actions that make a difference, e.g., minimizing food waste, decreasing meat consumption, talking about the climate crisis in our personal networks, decreasing waste generally, and shifting transportation to more biking, walking, carpooling, and using public transit;

  • Maintained a dedicated “Climate Action” bulletin board in Whitton Hall with a “Drop in a Bucket” theme (The actions of an individual person may be like a drop in a bucket, but together the actions of many have tremendous power);

  • Provided networking and support for climate-related book groups;

  • Promoted a carpooling initiative, including regular data updates on the carbon emissions we’re saving by doing that.


The Climate Action Group also supports participation in collective movements and global actions, including policy initiatives. Members of GRU have:

  • Participated in monthly climate marches, supporting youth;

  • Distributed information to the congregation on policy-related initiatives and events, including facilitating access online about climate actions in the Waterloo Region and beyond;

  • Attended events related to The Green New Deal;

  • Initiated plans for conversations within and beyond GRU (e.g., “Coffee and Climate” neighbourhood events);

  • Begun building relationships with political representatives and candidates.

We recognize the emotional and mental health toll, as well as intellectual challenges, of grappling with climate change and mass extinction. We welcome sharing of anxieties and grief as well as good news and visions about the transformations needed for the future. Each week at the Sunday coffee hour members of the Climate Action Group are available for listening and conversation.