Affiliate Groups

As a congregation grows, one way for its members and friends to stay connected is to become involved in smaller groups within the larger congregation. Our affiliate groups are small, long-term groups that give us opportunities to strengthen our relationships with others with similar interests. Each group invites newcomers to join them at any time.

Amnesty International Action Circle
Coordinator: Anne Treadwell

UU Stitch Circle
Coordinator: Jessica Bayne 

Women on the Not So Rigid Path
Coordinator: Catherine Lizotte

Women’s Book Group
Coordinator: Barb Lefcourt


Communication is vital in the life of a busy congregation. Our newsletter and web site provide information on every aspect of congregational life. Every event and opportunity provided to the congregation can be found in these sources.

Editor: to be determined

Web Site
Coordinator: Martin Edmonds

Congregational Life

The life of our congregation is sustained through attention to the needs of our members and friends. These groups foster community, support, and spiritual growth within the congregation.

Pastoral Care Network

Community Builders
Chair: Cathy Scott

Lay Chaplaincy
Lay Chaplain: Michele Cadotte

Social Action
Contact Person: Pat Bowers

Lifespan Learning

Our third principle speaks of our encouraging one another to spiritual growth. It is a priority in our congregation to provide opportunities for growth at every level, from the very young to the very experienced.

Archivists: Jack Horman and Jane Wilson

Children’s Religious Exploration
Chair: Julie Taylor

Chair: Charlotte Innerd




Our congregation is fortunate to have a building with generous parking and a lovely stand of trees. These groups organize the maintenance and use of our congregation's property.

Building and Grounds
Coordinator: Anders Stjarne

Coordinator: Margaret Insley

Sunday Support

Many hands work to create a worship service that enlightens and uplifts. Some are evident in the service. Some operate in the background. All contribute to a successful Sunday morning.

Green Ribbon Welcomers
Coordinator: Merri Stock

Media Team
Coordinator: Jay Moore

Chair: Margaret Insley

Coordinator: Rosemarie Harris

Coordinator: Cathy MacDonald

Worship Arts
Coordinator: Rev. Jessica Purple Rodela

Board Support

The board of trustees guides the congregation's vision and ensures that its obligations as an organsation are met. It is able to do this with help from staff and the volunteers that support its work.

Committee on Ministry
Chair: Margaret Insley

Leadership Council
Chair: Colin Read, Board Vice-President

Human Resources

Coordinator: Margaret Insley

Nominating Committee
Chair: Art Phelan

Pat Bowers