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July 24, 2016 
“Once Upon a Time…” 
Peggy Hagen. 

Fairytales, more than any other literature, allow us to take meaning at whatever level we can manage:   literal, allegorical, symbolic, or archetypal.  Who is Rumplestiltskin, really?

Peggy graduated from U. of W. and Laurier in English, Psychology, Ritual Studies, Religion and Culture.  She is interested in Jungian Psychology and Storytelling. 


July 31, 2016 
"UU Beans!" 
Jim Sannes and Ellen Papenburg with Service Leader Janis Collins.

For the past few years we have not talked much about our Bean Project. However it has moved on in Elora-Fergus with its own momentum. Come and hear how our locally grown dried beans have become one of the most commonly requested items at the food bank.

Jim Sannes and Ellen Papenburg have been involved with UU social action projects including draft dodgers, Fair Play for Cuba, LGBTQ and, for the last 28 years, BEANS!


August 7, 2016 
“Spiritual Renegades” 
Chris Moore with Service Leader Jane Bell. 

Have you ever stopped to consider how radical love, compassion, and even kindness can appear in different contexts? Unitarian Universalism has a tradition of supporting social justice and social change, but from a moral or spiritual perspective. (I write this as news of the mass shooting in Orlando occupies the T.V. news stations everywhere). Now more than ever, the world needs people inspired by radical love and/or compassion to advocate acceptance and understanding of others; and to assert the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.   

Chris Moore is a U.U. seminarian at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary where he is studying Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy along side his Masters of Divinity. Most recently, he has served on the Spiritual Care Team for Dorothy Ley Hospice in Etobicoke as a part of his studies.  He is currently a member of First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto.


August 14, 2016 
Chris Moore with Service Leader Colin Read. 

The wisdom of North America's Aboriginal peoples has contributed to our spiritual understanding far more than it is often credited with. The Navajo word “hozho” is often translated as “beauty,”  but in fact it can be translated a number of ways, each of which conveys a surprisingly rich and oddly Unitarian perspective on life and spirituality. 


August 21, 2016  
“Preach It, Sister!”
Janis Collins with Service Leader Margaret Insley. 

Is there a way we can share our good news without (gasp!) proselytizing? What is our good news, anyway? And why would we want to share it? 

Janis Collins enjoys being a lay cheerleader for Unitarian Universalism. She looks forward to sharing why.



August 28, 2016 
“Reflections on Failure and Success OR What the Hell is it all about anyway?” 
Melissa Rockenfield with Service Leader Charlotte Innerd. 

Melissa Rockenfield is a dual US-Canadian citizen and a UU in both countries for 27 years.


September 4, 2016
Chris Moore with Service Leader Jay Moore. 

The Bantu peoples of central and south Africa use a word with no English equivalent.  It conveys a concept not readily understood by western minds.  It is often translated by way of an expression:  “I am because we are.”




Welcome to our Congregation!

 We are a liberal religious community that draws inspiration from its Judeo-Christian heritage as well as the wisdom of world religions, our direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder, the words and deeds of prophetic women and men, humanist teachings, and the spiritual teachings of Earth-centred traditions. We include believers, doubters, and seekers; those who pray, those who meditate, and those who pour their souls out in song. We pledge to support one another in our individual searches for truth and meaning. Will you join us?

We gather for our regular Sunday services at 10:30 AM. Located in Kitchener, we draw people from all over the Waterloo region. Visitors are warmly welcomed. Please follow us on Facebook to be notified of additional updates. 

On December 6, 2015, members of Grand River Unitarian Congregation voted unanimously to support Syrian refugee sponsorship.

On Sunday, November 15, 2015, the congregation danced in the aisles during the postlude to honour Allan and Lloy Grose, members who were moving away. Here's a video of Allan dancing with Mavis Kerr after the service a few years ago. We will all miss this joyful spirit!


On October 12, 2014, two fibre art pieces were installed on the chancel wall. Artist Karen Cummings, a member of the congregation, introduced the pieces.


In 2001 our congregation voted to become part of the Welcoming Congregation Program. This is a volunteer program for Unitarian Universalist congregations that want to take intentional steps to become more welcoming and inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We consider this to be important because of the specifically religious prejudices that have made LGBTQ people unwelcome in so many houses of worship. Please see Rev. Jessica P. Rodela’s powerful sermon on LGBTQ bullying, “When Rainbows Fade.”