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November 29, 2015    

“Gaia, Mother Earth and the Oneness of Everything” with UU Troubadour Jim Scott
We will celebrate the earth with Jim's original songs and readings along with his personal reflections on the idea of Mother Earth or "Gaia" being one living organism.  Our "spiritual response" in word and action is so timely now, as "the spirit of life on earth is in crisis."  Jim's uplifting songs provide the balance to the wake up call, leaving us a vision and inspiration to take the healing into our own hands.

 From his work with the Paul Winter Consort, where he was co-composer of their celebrated "Missa Gaia / Earth Mass" Jim has long been an activist for peace and the earth with his music.  Former Co Chair of the UU Ministry for the Earth, Jim helped create the "Green Sanctuary" program.  His songs of earth have educated and inspired audiences across the US and the world and his "Earth and Spirit Songbook," supported by a grant from the Fund for Unitarian Universalism, has been widely acclaimed by UU congregations.


December 6, 2015   
"A Syrian Experience."

GRU member Kristen Wilson lived in Syria from 1996 to 1997 and experienced firsthand the tensions of a pluralistic society under a postcolonial regime. Reflecting on the people and places she got to know and the history which has led to today's humanitarian crisis, she will propose a way for us to help.

Members, please arrive a few minutes early to sign in and stay for the brief special meeting after the service to vote on a proposal to sponsor a refugee family from Syria.


December 13, 2015   
Festivus for the Rest of Us.“

Rev. Jess & the Spirit of Life Choir, directed by Curtis Dueck.

The mix of winter holidays gives rise to one of the more baffling ‘controversies’ of the season:  the debate over how to greet one another.  Happy Holidays?  Merry Christmas?  Cheery Chalica?  How do you celebrate the solstice season?   Join us for our lively annual Christmas Party Service and Tree Ornament Communion. ________________________________________________________________________

December 20, 2015   
Meditation Service:   Winter Witness.“

Rev. Jessica Rodela.

In song and silence, in awe of Solstice, we sit in witness of the whiteness and weirdness of winter. ________________________________________________________________________

Thursday, December 24, 2015,    7:00PM  
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
"Making Room at the Inn."

The ancient story tells of a family turned away from a Bethlehem inn.  Two thousand years later, are we doing all we can to make room for more?   Patrick Murfin writes:  “Today, let us be that stable, let us be the place that welcomes at last the weary and rejected, the pilgrim stranger, the coming life.”  Come sing the old carols and hear the traditional story anew in the context of today’s refugee crisis.


December 27, 2015   
How We Play at the Canyon’s Rim.“

Dianne Ackerman wrote:  “Consciousness is the great poem of matter, whose opposite extreme is a Grand Canyon.  In between, matter has odd fits and whims . . . .”  Let’s play with things that matter to our hearts, heads, and hands. 


January 3, 2016   
Fire Communion Sharing Service:  Hearts and Hearths Ablaze.“

We start the new year with our annual Fire Communion sharing service.  Bring a poem or anecdote to share in this interactive service as we let go of the old and welcome the new.



Welcome to our Congregation!

 We are a liberal religious community that draws inspiration from its Judeo-Christian heritage as well as the wisdom of world religions, our direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder, the words and deeds of prophetic women and men, humanist teachings, and the spiritual teachings of Earth-centred traditions. We include believers, doubters, and seekers; those who pray, those who meditate, and those who pour their souls out in song. We pledge to support one another in our individual searches for truth and meaning. Will you join us?

We gather for our regular Sunday services at 10:30 AM. Located in Kitchener, we draw people from all over the Waterloo region. Visitors are warmly welcomed. Please follow us on Facebook to be notified of additional updates. 

On Sunday, November 15, 2015, the congregation danced in the aisles during the postlude to honour Allan and Lloy Grose, members who will soon be moving away. Here's a video of Allan dancing with Mavis Kerr after the service a few years ago. We will all miss this joyful spirit!


On October 12, 2014, two fibre art pieces were installed on the chancel wall. Artist Karen Cummings, a member of the congregation, introduced the pieces.


In 2001 our congregation voted to become part of the Welcoming Congregation Program. This is a volunteer program for Unitarian Universalist congregations that want to take intentional steps to become more welcoming and inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We consider this to be important because of the specifically religious prejudices that have made LGBTQ people unwelcome in so many houses of worship. Please see Rev. Jessica P. Rodela’s powerful sermon on LGBTQ bullying, “When Rainbows Fade.”