"This is NOT a Book Club!"

I’ve never joined a book club because ever since Graduate School, I’ve been resistant to the idea of reading what someone else expects me to read.  But I love sharing books and ideas, so, in February I hosted an event called “This is NOT a Book Club.”    A group of us gathered to talk about the importance of reading in our lives.  Each of us brought a book we loved and were willing to swap.  After presentations about our chosen book (creativity and bribery encouraged!), we voted on the most enticing invitation.  The winning presenter got first pick from the book table. 

The discussions and the book ‘blurbs’ were delightful, challenging, and inspiring.  Each of us came away with one book, and a list of ‘must-reads,’ including such varied titles as


Five Smooth Stones – by Ann Fairbairn

Before I Go to Sleep – by S J Watson

The Year of Living Biblically – by A J Jacobs

The Solitude of Prime Numbers – by Paolo Giordano

The Rainbow Troops – by Andrea Hirata

I Am Hutterite – by Mary Ann Kirkby

Enders Game – by Orson Scott Card

The Handmaid Tale – by Margaret  Atwood 

I’ll be indulging in some of these and many other reads from my long-neglected book list over the next few months during my sabbatical.  I know I’ll have many more books to share on this website when I return in June.  Meanwhile, happy reading to you!