Even more Sources!

As Unitarians, we draw inspiration from "Six Sources," which include our own experiences, the words and deeds of social activists, wisdom from the world's religions, Jewish and Christian teachings, humanist teachings, and spiritual learnings from earth-based traditions.  

It's a rich tapestry from which to draw.  As a result, a Sunday service may be inspired from just about anything!  A congregant, intrigued by a story I shared in last week's sermon on Chrisitianity, suggested I post the sources I quote on Sundays.  I thought this blog was a good place to start.  

Last week's sermon drew from a variety of recent news articles and statistics from the Pew Research Centre, but three texts were foundational to my thesis.    I read Lawrence S. Cunningham's Francis of Assisi:  Performing the Gospel Life.   (Eerdmans:  Cambridge.  2004) and learned enough for another whole sermon on the inspiring life of Francis alone!   The story of Jesus "climbing the walls" can be found in my colleague John Beuhrens' book, Understanding the Bible:  An Introductions for Skeptics, Seekers, and Religious Liberals  (Beacon Press:  Boston.  2003).  This text is available in our GRU library.  And, finally, I highly recommend Thomas Moore's dream-inspired analysis of the Gospels, Writing in the Sand:  Jesus, Spirituality and the Soul of the Gospels  (Hay House:  Carlsbad.  2009).  Many of you may remember that Moore's work has inspired several other sermons I've crafted regarding the sanctity of sensuality.  

See you Sunday!