Dream a LOT of Dream with me . . .

Our dream auction event is gaining momentum -- Saturday, November 17 we gather for FUN and FUNDraising.  Our goal this year is to offer 65 events to bring in $10K!

I set a goal for myself to offer enough events to bring in $500 to the congregation.   I love Dream Auction events.  Many years ago, new to congregational life, and new to the city of Dallas, I signed up at the local church's dream auction.  Through those events, I not only contributed to the funding, but also made the investment in a number of friendships that began during those events and parties.  

I hope you'll join me in contributing to the 'life of the party' . . . send your donations in today to the website link for Dream Auction 2012!  

See you Sunday,  Rev. Jess.