Welcome to Grand River Unitarian’s Children’s Religious Exploration Program

Due to renovations to our classrooms this summer, GRU is offering only limited programming. Most Sundays children are expected to sit in the service with their family, but there is a blue bucket with some activities to keep them busy.

We have three special programming days for the children to continue to connect with each other:

July 9 - The Nimble Bus
Aug. 20 - Pawlay's Reptile Show
Sept. 3 - Mad Science.

Our program will be back in full swing again starting Sept. 10. If you have questions, please contact Julie Taylor at gru.dre.julie@gmail.com


At Grand River Unitarian we are committed to your child’s development by giving them the tools they need to grow spiritually and the community that can sustain them as they travel through life.

Preschool Children
Children aged 0-4 are welcome in our sanctuary or nursery. Our nursery is open prior to the  service so that your child has enough time with you to relax and let go. If your child needs to be with you, there are small toys and colouring books in the sanctuary to keep small hands busy.

Children from Kindergarten to Grade Eight
Our Sunday morning children's’ programming is workshop based. We strive to meet everyone’s needs by offering active games, crafts and enrichment opportunities. The children are welcome to move freely between workshops based on whichever suits their fancy.

Children who are in grades nine to twelve are welcome to join our Youth Group. They meet most Sundays from 12:30 to 2:30 (but not every Sunday, so please confirm dates before coming.) The youth discuss big issues, play silly games, get to know each other, and have the opportunity to attend a yearly conference together. They also operate fundraising opportunities and lead a service for the congregation.

If you have any questions about these programs or want more specific information, please contact the Director of Religious Exploration, Julie Taylor, at dre.grandriverunitarian.ca

If you are new to Unitarianism, know that we are a group of people from multiple belief systems brought together by the hope of a faith that promotes equality, growth, fairness and social action. Unitarians have Seven Principles and Six Sources that shape our approach to our world and each other. These same Principles and Sources are embedded in all the work that happens in our children's programming. Check out the links below to learn more: