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July 9, 2017

“What Does a Nonreligious Chaplain Do? What Difference Does He or She Make?” 

Keith Martin with Service Leader Rev. Jessica P. Rodela.   

This is a sequel to last year's talk:

"How I Became a Nonreligious Chaplain."  How do I as a nonreligious chaplain encourage spirituality or life-enhancing values among students?

Keith Martin is a nonreligious chaplain at U. of Waterloo and U. of Guelph. He is the director of Spectrum A&E Media, a nonprofit, registered charity promoting media arts in education and fostering values that enhance life. He is the author of Seismic Shift: From God to Goodness, about his own journey from evangelical Christianity to 'spiritual but not religious.'  The book is available in our GRU library


If yours is The Pilgrim Heart (the inner journey home by Sarah York, BL624.Y67), or you want to better understand Identity and Religion : international, cross-cultural approaches (J.J. Mol, BL60.I3), stop at our library today and talk with Lynda MacLeod after the service. Could we interest your child in Serendipity by Stephen Cosgrove (PZ7.C8187 Se)? Do you need an extension of your 3-week loan? Talk with Lynda. 



The Community Builders Committee would like to invite anyone, who is relatively new to GRU, to our next ‘Including You!’ meeting. This is an opportunity for newcomers to ask questions about UUism, find out more about our activities and get acquainted with some members of our community in a quiet setting. We meet after the service. The next ‘Including You!’ meeting will be today, after the service. Please help yourself to a beverage and meet us in the Boardroom, which is on the lower level, past the kitchen and office area. A ‘green ribbon’ welcomer (or anyone else!) will be happy to help you find it. As well as conversation, we will have some snacks and written information for you. Please note that this will be the last ‘Including You!’ meeting until September.



Did you know.... That in September 2009 the congregation's board, at the behest of our Social Action Committee, passed a motion banning the purchase of bottled water for congregational events?   We also discourage bringing bottled water to the building. This is one small way to create awareness for environmental stewardship.



The Summer edition of The Window was distributed via email earlier this week.    If you did not receive it, please email to be added to our list.  The newsletter is also available on our website.   Paper copies are available by request.  



​​July 21-23, University of Waterloo.  Do you wish that you experienced your participation in your congregation as an expression of ministry, not primarily an obligation to do your part? We invite you to a weekend to explore where you find the “springs” which fill your life’s well of energy, and how you can live out of that rich resource. There will be opportunities to connect with and be informed by other UUs; times to engage with others as we learn new and hone familiar strategies; and space to do deep reflection, identifying and strengthening the rich practice potential in your own life. This event will begin on Friday at 1 p.m. and end on Sunday at 1 p.m. During the weekend you’ll spend time exploring, with other participants and on your own, through a variety of activities, the ways in which you can make connections between what you do, in service to the congregation and who you are.  We’ll sing, make art, sit in silence, talk, chant, meditate and more during our time together.​For registration and information visit



Dear GRU Parents, please remember that children are not allowed to play on the staircase, in the upstairs foyer, or in the sanctuary without close adult supervision. There is no way to lock away some of the dangerous or fragile temptations in our upstairs space (and recently we learned that some resourceful children have figured out how to access even locked spaces). For our youngest members' safety and for the protection of our community investment in the musical instruments, delicate audio equipment, fragile glassware, and more, please make sure you know where your children are playing. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Rev. Jess.  


Beyond Our Doors                                                                                                                           


Presented by Bereaved Families of Ontario - Midwestern Region.  October 26 , 7-9 p.m. * October 27,  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Family Centre: 65 Hanson Avenue, Kitchener.  Please register for this conference to learn more about children and grief, and take away practical information you can use in your career working with or supporting children who are grieving.  For registration, costs, and details visit



Join us to learn about Islamophobia and strategies to be an effective ally. Speakers include GRU friend Melissa Finn on the "​Historical and cultural roots of Islamophobia, and GRU guest Fauzia Mazhar of the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW on "Be An Ally: Break the Cycle of Fear". This event is FREE but requires advance registration at


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